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Programming League is an annual competitive programming contest organised by the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Malaya where teams of 3 compete to solve algorithmic problems.

For the past few years, it had been a university-wide competition. In 2020, we are ramping it up by assembling students from all universities across Malaysia to compete among the best in the field!

We aim to host the most colossal, eminent and pioneering programming contest of all time and ultimately, uphold Malaysia’s programming standards.

PLN2020 is a wrap!

Congratulations to all participants of the first ever Programming League National 2020!
We are proud to have brought together 170 teams from over 30 universities across Malaysia.

Check out the national final standings below.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can compete?

As long as you are university students (both undergraduates and postgraduates) who are currently studying in Malaysia, we welcome your participation!

How can I apply?

The registration for Programming League National 2020 is now closed. Hope to see you next year!

How much does the registration fee cost?

Free! You don’t have to pay a single cent for this. 

How can I confirm that my team is chosen for preliminary round and final round?

For the online preliminary round, any eligible team that has registered for Programming League is eligible to join.

For the final round, only the top 50 teams from the online preliminary round will be chosen as finalists and notified via email.

Team Formation

How many team members per team?

Please be reminded that only teams of exact 3 are accepted to join the competition. Should there be any teams lacking members, it is advised for the teams to recruit more students or refer to their lecturers from the respective universities in meeting the team size requirement. 

Must all the team members come from the same university?

Yes. All 3 team members must be currently studying at the same Malaysian university.

Technical Requirements

What programming language and tools can we use?

Programming languages permitted during the contest are Java, Kotlin, Python and C/C++

IDEs configured for the contest are as follows:

  • IntelliJ (IDEA Community Edition version 2019.2.2) with Open JDK11.4, Kotlin plugin 1.3.41-release-IJ2019.2
  • Pycharm Community Edition Python IDE (version 2019.2.2) with CPython 3.6.8
  • Code::Blocks (version 17.12-1) with C/C++ (gcc7.4.0, g++7.4.0)

Offline documentation available during the final round competition:

  • JDK JavaDocs
  • C++ STL docs
  • Python 3.6 documentation
  • DOMJudge team manual

What are the computer / technical requirements?

The team is free to use any programming languages permitted by the contest. All the teams are expected to prepare their own computers for the online preliminary round, as for the final round the teams are obliged to use computers provided by the organizer.

Contest Structure

How many rounds are there in total?

There will be two roundspreliminary and final roundThe top 50 teams of the preliminary round will proceed to the final round.

What is the format of the competition? 
  1. The competition is a team contest.
  2. Each team comprises of 3 members.
  3. There will be 5 questions for the online preliminary round (2 hours) and 10 questions for the final round (5 hours), which are of different difficulty levels and mostly algorithmic in nature.
  • Scoring is based first on the number of problems solved (the more the better)
  • In case of a tie, the total time for all accepted submissions is taken into account (the less the better);
  • Each rejected submission adds 20 minutes penalty time.
  • The time of acceptance for the last problem solved matters if there is still a tie.

Online Preliminary Round

Where is the preliminary round held?

There is no venue specified for the preliminary round as it will be done online. Contest participants are free to attempt the challenges from any geographical location within the time period of the online round.

When is the preliminary round?

It will be held on 29/2/2020 (Saturday). Exact timing will be announced soon!

When will the results of the preliminary round be announced?

We will proceed with the announcing of the preliminary round results on the day after. Note that the results published are final, you can check them out here at our official website, social media (Instagram, Facebook). On the other hand, shortlisted teams will also receive an email of confirmation into the final round of the contest.

Final Round

Where is the final round held?

It will be held at the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Malaya.

When is the final round?

The final round is a one-day event which will be held on 14/3/2020 (Saturday). The schedule will be announced soon.

Are travel and accommodation fees covered?

Unfortunately, no.

Who can join the final round?

Only the top 50 teams from the preliminary round are eligible to join.


I am new to competitive programming. Can you briefly explain how will the competition run?

The timer starts counting down and the judging system is open for submissions as soon as the competition starts. Rack your brains to prepare and submit your solutions to the exhilarating challenges! The shorter the time taken to solve the challenges, the more credits you will get, but bear in mind that there will be 20 minutes penalty time induced for each rejected submission, so think twice before you hand in your magnum opus. All the best!


What are the resources that I can practice with?

Rest assured, we have got you a list of reputable websites where you can dive in and chug down the programming practices readily prepared and tailored for a variety of topics.

On top of that, we are delighted to inform you that 2 workshops will be held by us to equip the participants with the essential fundamentals in competitive programming. Do check them out and see you there!

Prizes and Awards

Cash and prizes worth more than MYR 6,000 await you!

  • 1st Place: MYR 3,000
  • 2nd Place: MYR 2,000
  • 3rd Place: MYR 1,000

What are you waiting for? Register now!


Will I get the certificates and when?

E-certificates will be awarded to all participants based on achievements. They will be issued and sent to participants’ e-mail within two weeks after the final round.

Need more info? Drop us an email at [email protected]!

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