Programming League National 2020 Rules 

Team Composition

  1. Participants must compete in a team of exact three (3) members. Any team with fewer than three members is not eligible to participate.
  2. Participants can be of any nationality as long as he/she is currently a student pursuing education in any Malaysian Institution. This includes the undergraduate, postgraduate and international students.
  3. A participant can only participate in one (1) team throughout the competition.
  4. All three (3) team members must be currently studying in the same Malaysian institution. No mixing of institutions is allowed.
  5. A team is not eligible to take part in the contest if the registration is done beyond the registration deadline.
  6. Team composition details cannot be changed and no substitution of members is allowed once the registration is closed. 
  7. Should there be any discovery of fallacious participant details, the team will be disqualified pronto.


  1. Registration for the Programming League National 2020 will open on or around January 20, 2020 and will end on or around February 23, 2020 (dates are subject to change).
  2. Participants will be notified via email within 14 days once the registration has been approved by the organizer. 

Contest Structure

  1. Programming League National 2020 consists of two (2) rounds: the online preliminary round and the final round. The preliminary round will be conducted online. The final round will take place at the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Malaya.

Preliminary Round (Online)

  1. The preliminary round (online) is scheduled to be held on February 29, 2020 (Saturday) via HackerRank. Exact timing will be announced.
  2. Any registered teams that are notified eligible are allowed to participate in this round.
  3. This round will last for two (2) hours with a total of five (5) questions to be tackled.
  4. Teams are required to join the contest held on HackerRank with the username registered during registration.
  5. Results and rankings for usernames that are not registered under any teams will not be taken into account. 
  6. Participants are free to attempt the challenges with own computers from any geographical location within the time period.
  7. Results of this round will be announced on our official website and social media accounts on the day after. Shortlisted teams to the final round will receive a confirmation email shortly after.
  8. The decisions of the judges are final.

Final Round

  1. The final round is scheduled to be held on March 14, 2020 (Saturday) at the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Malaya.
  2. Only the selected top fifty (50) teams from the preliminary round will make it to this round. Shall there be any withdrawal of teams from the top-fifty, teams with lower rankings will be offered the chance to advance to the final round.
  3. Teams selected for the final round will be notified via email by the organizer after the preliminary round. 
  4. Teams selected for the final round must reply with confirmation of attendance within the time period set by the organizer. Failure to do so will result in disqualification and the slot will be open up for teams with lower rankings.
  5. This round will last for five (5) hours with a total of ten (10) questions to be tackled.
  6. All team members are required to attend on the day the contest is carried out. No substitution of team members is allowed. Failure to fulfill any of the requirements mentioned will result in an automatic disqualification and forfeiture of any prizes.
  7. Use of calculators, CDs, mobile phones, Internet search, etc is prohibited. 
  8. Each team is obliged to use one computer provided by the organizer with software tools/data/docs. 
  9. Each team is permitted to prepare printed pages or program listing hardcopies of up to 25 pages.
  10. Teams may not communicate with each other during the contest. Interference with the contest leads to disqualification.
  11. Participants are to be disqualified on attempt in any activity that jeopardizes the contest such as dislodging extension cords, unauthorized modification of contest materials or any other activity that may knowingly or unknowingly impact other teams.
  12. Participants cannot leave the contest room during the contest without permission from the volunteers. 
  13. No travel and accommodation fees will be covered by the organizer.
  14. The decisions of the judges are final.

Registration Fee and Deposit

  1. Programming League National 2020 is completely free to participate and no registration fee will be collected upon registration.
  2. However, a deposit of RM150.00 per team will be collected from teams that are selected for the final round upon confirmation of attendance as commitment fee. Full deposit amount will be refunded for teams that showed up at the venue during the final round. On the contrary, the amount will be forfeited if the confirmed team failed to show up at the venue without any acceptable reasons or prior notice made.

Question Appeal and Clarification

  1. Clarifications about the problems concerning a possible ambiguity or error may be obtained from the invigilators on duty during the contest. Answers will typically be restricted to Yes or No, the participants will be asked to read the problem statement again should there be no problem in the question. 
  2. If the judges agree that an ambiguity or error exists, a clarification will be issued to all participants.

Computing Environment

  1. Languages permitted during the contest are Java, Kotlin, Python and C/C++. 
  2. Problems vary in difficulty, and appear in random order in the problem set. 
  3. Solutions are to be submitted through the mechanism or system provided. 
  4. Each submission is judged upon submission during the contest as accepted or rejected; the latter will be explained a little bit with no further details; e.g.:
  • compile-time error
  • run-time error
  • resource-limit exceeded
  • incorrect output format
  • incorrect output

Contest Scoring

Ranking of teams is based on: 

  • First on number of problems solved (more is better);
  • In case of a tie, the total time for all accepted submissions is taken into account  (less is better);
  • Time runs from the beginning of the contest until the submission was accepted by the jury, where each rejected submission adds 20 minutes penalty time.
  • If there is still a tie, the time of acceptance for the last problem solved matters. (less is better)
  1. Test your program very carefully before submitting them for judging. Even though your program works with your data set, it may not necessarily work fully during the judging. The judges’ data set are usually much more thorough than your data set.
  2. The standings are public and updated during the contest, except for the last one hour of the contest, the scoreboard will be suspended and balloons will no longer be given for accepted runs to keep the final results secret. However, all accepted and rejected runs, as well as clarification to the teams will continue until the end of the contest.

Programming League National 2020 Terms

The following terms (“Terms”) is an agreement between you as the participant (“you”, “your” or “participant”) and Programming League (“we,” “us”, “our”,  “committee”, “organizer” or “organizing side”). By registering, you are indicating that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by all of these terms. If you do not agree to all of these terms, please do not register as participant. 

Registration and Eligibility

  1. You cannot participate in the contest and you (and, if applicable, your team members) will be immediately disqualified and forfeit all of your prizes if:
  • You are not a student of any Malaysian tertiary institution;
  • You are a committee or volunteer of the contest;
  • You are a question setter of the contest;
  • Your team consists of members from more than one Malaysian tertiary institution;
  • Your team has less than or more than three (3) members.
  1. We reserve the right to limit, accept or reject any registration without prior notice and reasons.
  2. We reserve the right to verify your eligibility and to adjudicate on any dispute at any time. You agree to provide us with any proof of eligibility requested by us and your refusal or failure to provide such proof within ten (10) days of our request will result in your disqualification from the contest and forfeiture of any prizes.
  3. We reserve the right to change or omit participant nicknames or team names for if they are, in our sole opinion, offensive or obscene, or violate the intellectual property rights of others. If you repeatedly create a nickname or team name that is offensive or obscene, or violates the intellectual property rights of others, you (and, if applicable, your team members) may be disqualified.

Privacy Terms

  1. In order to administer the contest (including verifying your eligibility to participate in the contest), we collect basic contest information about you (your name, phone number, email address, institution and course of study, year of study, t-shirt size). We will collect this information from you when you provide it during the course of registration. Your student ID will also be collected to verify that you are indeed a student of the institution mentioned during registration.
  2. Your name, username, team name, representing institution that you specified during registration may be displayed publicly on our official website and social media promotion purposes. Your data will also be accessible by our sponsoring companies for programmes an/or internship/job offerings. You can request to not have this information displayed/shared by emailing us at [email protected].

Prizes and Awards

  1. Cash prizes will be awarded in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) and be awarded in terms of cash, check or other cash equivalents.


  1. You (and, if applicable, your team members) may be disqualified from the contest and forfeit any prizes you may be eligible to receive if we reasonably believes that you have attempted to undermine the legitimate operation of the contest, including by:
  • Providing false information about yourself during registration or concerning your eligibility;
  • Registering in more than one teams;
  • Breaching or refusing to comply with any Terms or Rules of the contest for which you have registered;
  • Tampering or interfering with the administration of the contest (including monitoring at onsite rounds) or with the ability of other participants to participate in a Contest;
  • Sharing or using from others any information about a problem (including its content or solution) before the end of a round unless expressly permitted by the applicable Rules or these Terms;
  • Submitting content that violates the rights of a third party and/or is lewd, obscene, pornographic, racist, sexist, or otherwise inappropriate to the contest, in each case, as determined per our sole discretion, and/or violates any applicable law.
  • Threatening or harassing other participants. Harassing behavior includes, offensive, threatening, and/or hateful comments directed toward an individual or protected class (e.g., sexual orientation, disability, gender identity, age, race, religion, ethnicity, veteran status), the use or display of sexual images in public spaces, deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, taking unwelcome photos/videos, sustained disruption of talks or other events, inappropriate physical contact, unwelcome sexual attention, and developing and/or promoting any applications designed to encourage any of these behaviors. We have sole discretion to decide whether a participant is threatening or harassing.

Per the sole discretion of the contest administrator(s), disqualification from one contest may disqualify you from other contests or from the same Contest in subsequent years. For example, if you are disqualified from Programming League National 2020, you may be disqualified from Programming League National 2021. The scope of your disqualification will depend on the quantity and severity of your Terms and/or Rules violation(s).

Ownership of your Submission

  1. You own all your codes and you retain all the rights to your submitted codes that you had before submitting them to us.
  2. Upon submission, you grant us the rights/permission to copy, edit, reproduce, publicly display, publicly perform, broadcast, publish and use, in whole or in part, any questions, in any manners without further compensation during and after the contest.

*Kindly take note that the Rules and Terms stated above are absolute and will not be subjected to any changes by external sides, except with an approval given by the organizing side. Any changes to the Rules and Terms by the authority in charge are to be notified in a timely and uniform manner.